SensID Catalog

SensID Catalog allows you to implement automation of data retention and personal rights support. SensID Catalog allows data cataloguing that enables access to full information about the places or sources of personal data and the legal grounds for their processing.

SensID Catalog stores the location of personal data down to a database record or file level. Information from the register, supplemented with the basis for data processing, allows you to automate the processes of deletion/anonymization/changes of data resulting from retention policies or requests of individuals. A great distinguishing feature of data cataloguing by the SensID system is the ability to support data retention both for database sources, as well as for network resources and mailboxes (unstructured). The removal/anonymization process itself can be performed using the API source or Robotization (RPA).

Main functions of the data cataloguing system


information about places/sources of personal data that must be subject to data retention.


legal grounds for processing of personal data and their validity periods.


dates of expiry of the legal basis and qualification of data for removal or anonymization.


starting the processes of deleting or anonymization of data for which there are no grounds for retention

Information in one place

Browse and search for personal data collected in multiple source systems and the related legal grounds for data processing.

Full automation

Automation of retention processes on the side of source systems based on API or Robotization (RPA) - this is the safest form of data deletion/anonymization.

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