Automated management and personal data security for GDPR

Ensure personal data security and sensitive data security.

Protect your organization's data against leakage or breaches caused by a cyber-attack or human error.

Show GDPR compliance and limit the risk of violating the directive.

Process personal data in accordance with the law, maintaining reliability, transparency, and constant readiness for control.

Provide security to all digital data sources: documents, mail, databases.

Don't forget about unstructured data sources, which typically store 80% of personal data in your organization.

Intelligent SensID products

Meet our platforms – SensID Detect, SensID Catalog and SensID Mask, which are a set of integrated tools designed to ensure personal data security. SensID products use unique Machine Learning and Natural Learning Processing technologies to manage personal data. The platform supports and integrates with most data sources, from structured to unstructured data, including documents, files, system logs, or corporate mail.  

SenseID Detect

Scanning and monitoring of any sources of structured and unstructured data for personal and sensitive data occurrence.

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SensID Catalog

A register of information on the location and type of personal data sets processed in various data sources for any given identified person.

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SensID Mask

De-identification of personal data not only in databases but also in complex text documents.

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