SensID Detect

SensID Detect enables personal and sensitive data classification, detection and cataloguing in structured and unstructured sources.

SensID Detect can also be used in other business scenarios, e.g., to mark confidential data to increase security, extract data from correspondence and support automation of front-office processes, analysis of complex documents in the back-office, and many other tasks involving content analysis to automate repetitive activities. More examples of data classification solutions can be found at

Supported sources for data classification

File systems

including binary and text files, e.g. PDF, MS Office, ODF, Zip, XML, JPG, PNG, and others

SQL and Non-SQL databases

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MongoDB, Elastic and others on request

Mail servers

as well as mail files: emf, mbox, rfc822, pst, tnef, and others

Workstations and end devices

using an agent installed on the device.

Configurable range of searched data categories

Basic personal data

Particularly sensitive data

Categories of people

Scans and photos of ID documents

Other, as needed for implementation

Convenient scans management

Ergonomic user interface for configuring connections to source systems, configuration of scans and their planning.

Full reporting

Flexible reporting of data source review results and risk assessment tailored to the needs of the organization.

See also

SensID Catalog
SensID Mask


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