Personal data inventory

Improve personal data security of information you process. SensID allows you to understand the scale of data processing and the risks related to compliance with data protection obligations. Thanks to this, personal data inventory management is possible at the highest security levels.

Effective implementation of GDPR compliance depends on full awareness of the method of personal data processing in the organization. Therefore, the first and most necessary step is to create a personal data inventory by gathering specific identification of places of their processing within all digital resources of the organization. This allows a preliminary assessment of risk areas of data processing. It is also a basis for deciding on further actions that will enable your organization to choose appropriate technical measures.


where personal data is processed

Take inventory

of personal and sensitive data


personal data and categories of persons


processes and activities of data processing


best practices in data security


and maintain GDPR compliance

Data is most often collected from various sources. Only 20% is stored in databases, the remaining 80% is extracted from e-mails, reports, notes, letters, plans, diagrams."

Olson J. E.

Real personal data inventory

Actual state

Identification where personal data is being processed.

Process automation

Improving the development of personal data processing register.

Sensitive data

Ensuring sensitive data security (e.g. medical data, scans of identity documents, etc.).

Various sources

Unitary support for all data sources technologies: network resources, mailboxes, databases.

Flexible scope

Ability to monitor any new sensitive data categories.

Data connection

Detection of data connections and their reconciliation.

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