SensID Mask

SensID Mask enables data masking, i.e. precise and permanent removal of personal data and sensitive information from database sources as well as from documents or e-mails.

SensID Mask can be fully integrated with SensID Detect and SensID Catalog. Still, it can also be used as a standalone component that enables data masking (anonymization or pseudonymization) in any data management process within the organization. A typical use of SensID Mask involves the process of de-identifying personal information such as first names, last names, contact details, government IDs, etc. It is also possible to de-identify only specifically indicated information.

Supported formats for data masking


PDF, MS Office, ODF, RTF and others.


JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and more.

Tabular data:

csv, excel, tables in documents.


including emf, mbox, pst and more.


taking into account the consistency of the database.

Data masking techniques


detection of data to be masked.


based on the indicated data dictionary.

Data consistency after de-identification

After data masking, the data is consistent in terms of the format and structure of nicknames.

See also

SensID Detect
SensID Catalog


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