Data auditing and monitoring of GDPR compliance

SensID allows digital data auditing and estimation of IT environments' compliance with the GDPR. Detecting gaps in personal data processing is the first step to assess risks and improve data security.

With our software, it is possible to carry out detailed GDPR compliance data auditing. Regardless of procedures, policies and technical solutions used in your organization, data auditing will help you verify if the key compliance elements are met. Verification is based on analysis of actual data, not just documentation checks. Data auditing can be performed once or periodically.

89 271
The number of reported data breaches in Europe in 2018.
144 376
The number of inquiries from individuals in Europe in 2018.
490 mln EUR
Total amount of GDPR penalties in Europe until September 2020.
Organization claims that they gain significant business benefits from investing in personal data protection.

Elements guaranteeing data auditing

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Weryfikacja rejestru czynności przetwarzania danych względem stanu faktycznego

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Weryfikacja rejestru czynności przetwarzania danych względem stanu faktycznego

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Ocena zgodności przetwarzania danych wrażliwych

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Zgodność w realizacji praw osób, których dane dotyczą (usuwanie danych, poprawność)

Elements guaranteeing data auditing

  • Establishing where and what personal data is processed in any digital content.

  • Checking whether sensitive data is being processed.

  • Overlaying the information extracted from data sources with the information contained in the register of data processing activities and checking their compliance.

  • Verification, for selected random cases of data subjects, of compliance of the processing with legal bases and other procedures required by the GDPR: compliance of the purpose of processing, the principle of data minimization, data scope, access security, retention procedures.

  • Testing of the correctness of operation procedures implementing personal right to access, transfer, or delete data might be an element of data auditing as well.
Digital data auditing is necessary to know what needs to be done to improve or start meeting the GDPR requirements. Audits conducted with a method of interviews and analysis of documentation do not show the actual state of personal data protection.

A quick assessment of the GDPR compliance level


Register of processing activities

Verification of the register of data processing activities against the facts.


Law basis

Assessment of correctness and scope of the processed data.

Sensitive data

Compliance assessment of sensitive data processing.


Individual rights

Compliance with the implementation of the rights of data subjects (data deletion, correctness).

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