About us

4Semantics specializes in products and business solutions based on cognitive data automation and natural language processing technologies.

SensID, our flagship product, is used for data automation in accordance with the GDPR requirements by scanning, detecting, classifying and cataloguing both personal and sensitive data. Our technologies are also used to automate complex document processing tasks that require human cognitive abilities. More information can be found at 4Semantics.pl.

Data automation is possible thanks to our unique team of engineers and scientists with strong experience in AI, NLP and software engineering. We are also a beneficiary of an R&D project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development, which allows us to continue building a competitive advantage in the areas of knowledge extraction and machine learning.

people involved in product and company development
with a doctor's degree and higher
(IP) ^ x
the exponential growth of intellectual capital
PLN 4.8 million
size of the R&D project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development

At 4Semantics, we chose a development path based on intellectual capital. We carry out research projects to create products that are not afraid of competition.

Tomasz Rzeźniczak

Co-founder & CEO 4Semantics


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